Torrey Pines High School PhilosophyTop of Page

The purpose of our school is to educate students. This can only be accomplished when students are provided with a safe environment and are able to concentrate on their studies. Therefore:

Students must behave in ways that allow teachers to teach, students to learn, and in ways that encourage others to learn. Students must behave in a manner that is in the best interest to everyone.

School Rules (Including All On and Off Campus Related Activities)Top of Page

  • Students must attend class and be on time unless excused by a parent or an appropriate staff member.
  • Students must not use profanity, obscenity or vulgarity in speaking, actions, writing, or dress.
  • Students are prohibited from using bikes, skateboards or any form of skates on school property.
  • Students may not use cell phones without permission. Phones may be confiscated and a meeting with an Assistant Principal and parents in attendance may be required.
  • Students must not fight, attempt to start a fight, make threats or intimidate others.
  • Students are prohibited from possessing, using, or selling drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) or "look-a-likes."
  • Students must not destroy or deface school, staff or student property.
  • Students must not possess weapons, weapon facsimiles or explosive devices.
  • Students must not cheat, steal or extort. (See Academic Policy.)
  • Students must not make unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature. (See Sexual Harassment Policy).
  • Students must always use an automobile appropriately, always obey traffic laws, and always drive safely.
  • Students are prohibited from gambling.
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately (see Dress Code).
  • Students must not litter on school campus.
  • All students 9-12 must remain on campus during nutirtion break.  Juniors and Seniors may leave campus at lunch only. Freshman and sophomore students may not leave campus during lunch.

Safe SchoolsTop of Page

Students and staff members are entitled under the California State Constitution to attend schools that are safe, secure, and peaceful. The presence of weapons or replicas contribute to a climate of fear and disrupts the learning environment of the school. Replicas of weapons whether they be toy firearms, theatrical props, cap guns, starter pistols or replicas of other deadly weapons, have no place in the school environment.

Tobacco Free FacilitiesTop of Page

In the best interests of students, employees and the general public, the Board of Education prohibits the use of tobacco products at all times on district property and in district vehicles. This prohibition applies to all employees, students, visitors and other persons at any school or school sponsored activity or athletic event. It applies to any meeting on any property owned, leased or rented by or from the district. Tobacco products are prohibited from use or possession by students on campus or within 1,000 feet of campus boundary.

Parent LiabilityTop of Page

California law holds parents/guardians liable for any willful student misconduct which results in the death or injury of any student or persons employed by or volunteering for the district. Parents/guardians are also liable for any defacement, injury or loss of property belonging to the district or to a school employee. For more information, please review SDUHSD BP 5231.

Sexual HarassmentTop of Page

It is the intent of the Board of Education that no student shall be discriminated against because of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and/or other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature by any person within the educational setting.

Such conduct committed under the following conditions shall be considered as sexual harassment:

  • Submission to the conduct is a condition of academic status or progress.
  • Submission is used as a basis of academic decisions affecting the student.
  • The conduct has the purpose of effect of negatively affecting academic progress or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment.
  • Submission to or rejection of the conduct of the students used as the basis for any decision affecting the student regarding benefits, services, honors programs, or activities available through the educational institution.

Any student and/or parent may report any instance of sexual harassment to the principal or designee for investigation and resolution through appropriate disciplinary procedures.

Intentional Harassment (IH)Top of Page

Intentional harassment is defined as threats or intimidation directed against a student or group of students that is sufficiently severe or pervasive that it materially disrupts class work, creates disorder, and invades the rights of that student or group of students.

Students are subject to suspension and/or expulsion for harassment when other means of correction have failed to bring about proper conduct or if the students presence causes a continuing danger to physical safety or threatens to disrupt the educational process.

WeaponsTop of Page

Students utilizing any dangerous or deadly weapon (including replicas) in a threatening manner or to incite fear, inflict injury, or disrupt the educational process are subject suspension/expulsion.

Any SDUHSD employee or district contracted transportation service representative may remove from the possession of any student any firearm, knife (including Swiss army, pocket, etc.), explosive or other dangerous objects, while the student is on school premises or engaged in any school sponsored activity or going to or returning from school or otherwise under the authority of the school.

This act shall be reported to the principal/designee. The student will surrender all dangerous objects or be subject to disciplinary action for such refusal. Parents and appropriate law enforcement officials shall be notified by the principal/designee of the taking of weapons and the disciplinary action followed.


Students are subject to suspension or expulsion for possessing illegal weapons upon a first offense. Illegal weapons will be turned over to the police department as evidence. Other items may be returned to parents and/or guardians.

Search and SeizureTop of Page

In order to maintain order on the school premises, it may be necessary at times to conduct searches of students and/or student property. School officials may search individual students and their property when there is a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover evidence that the student is violating the law or the rules of the district or the school.

Consequences for Breaking School RulesTop of Page

(One or More of the Following May Occur)
  • Warning
  • Parent Contact / Conference
  • Campus Beautification
  • Friday School
  • School / Class Suspension
  • Behavior Contract
  • Student Assistance Services
  • Alternative School Placement
  • Expulsion

Friday SchoolTop of Page

  1. Students must have their ID card to be admitted.
  2. No one will be admitted after 2:45 pm
  3. Students must have schoolwork to do or will not be permitted to stay.  (No computers, drawing, or reading of magazines.)
  4. No music, games (including graphing calculator games), movies, headphones, or cell phones.
  5. There will be no sleeping, group work or talking.
  6. There will be no eating or drinking in the room.  Bottles of water with caps on them are the only exception.
  7. Any discipline problems will result in immediate removal from Friday School and a referral.