FalconFest Nov 7th-10th, 2016 Is Coming!

Welcome to the most awesome field trip you'll ever take! In the words of the students who went through it, the day is phenomenal, powerful, real, revealing, encouraging, healing, challenging and inspiringTop of Page

FalconFest is a powerful and transformational day, designed by Falcons for Falcons, that can change the way people view each other forever.  It is a day to break down barriers and promote understanding, acceptance, and love.  Through a variety of games, trust-building activities, and presentations, participants will be given a unique opportunity to see themselves and others with a new understanding.  The group creates a safe environment to share and see in a revolutionary way.

FalconFest is for all grade levels.  Freshman, sophomores, and students new to the school are especially encouraged to participate.  Veteran participants are encouraged to be student leaders.  Students will not be penalized for missing class for the teachers know how important FalconFest is to the community.

The goal of the FalconFest program is to increase personal power, reduce stress, promote community building and to eliminate the teasing, harassment, and alienation that can be such a deep and painful part of the high school experience for teenagers every day.  Space is limited, so complete the online form and turn in your permission slip as soon as possible! First come, First serve!

FalconFest Permission Slip - Due October 28th.  FalconFest will take place November 7th-10th, 2016.  Students choose a 1-3-5 or 2-4-6 day.  Teachers and staff will also be participating and are in support of the benefits and value of the FalconFest Program.

Adult Participants as well as adult volunteers are needed to support this program!  Adult participants serve as important role models for the students.  No prior training is necessary and if you volunteer we will schedule you and your student on different days.  Adult participants are required to arrive by 7:15 am and must stay for the entire program until 3 pm.  Your support and participation is greatly appreciated!  You will leave amazed.  For additional information please read the Adult Participation Invitation:  English   Espanol

If you are interested in participating in the day or volunteering in support of the morning check-in process, please contact our Adult Volunteer Coordinator Shelley Stevenson at shelley@geoxinc.com

To get a sense of what happens during FalconFest, check out the Del Mar Times article covering the event in 2015.

Watch a two-minute, student-produced informational video about TPHS Challenge Day

If you have questions please contact The PALS Advisor Don Collins at don.collins@sduhsd.net

To make a donation in support of FalconFest Click here

We are looking forward to seeing you at TPHS FalconFest this year.  Come join us to experience what everybody is talking about and spend a day you'll remember for the rest of your life.