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P, Honors, AP = UC/CSU approved course

Career Technical Education (CTE) English Mathematics

I. Arts Media and Entertainment Sector
Beginning Journalism
Advanced Journalism
Speech and Debate

II. Building Trades and Construction Sector
Wood Technology
ROP Construction Technology
ROP Cabinet Making

III. Fashion and Interior Design Sector
Fashion Design P
Fashion Merchandise ROP

IV. Finance and Business Industry
Business Math
Work Experience

V. Hospitality Tourism, and Recreation Sector
ROP Culinary Arts
International Foods
ROP Child Development

VI. Information Technology Sector
Computer Programming P
AP Computer Science A
Digital Photo Imaging
ROP Computer Game Design
Research Methods
ROP TV Production
Introduction to Engineering Techniques

VII. Marketing, Sales, and Service Sector
ROP Marketing

VIII. Public Services
Intro to Law

IX. Transportation Sector
ROP Auto Tech
ROP Auto Engine Performance

English 9 P
English 9 Honors P
English 10 P
English 10 Honors P
English 11 P
AP English Language
English 12 P
AP English Literature
AP World Humanities
AP American Humanities
Sheltered English 9 P

How to choose your math class

Integrated Math 1 Readiness
Integrated Math 1
Integrated Math 1 Honors
Integrated Math II
Integrated Math II Honors
Algebra II P
Algebra II/Trig Honors P
Statistics P
AP Statistics
Discrete Mathematics P
Discrete Math: More Info
Math Analysis/Trig P
Pre-Calculus Hon P
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
Calculus C (SDSU Calc II)
Calculus D (SDSU Calc III)
Linear Algebra (SDSU)
Advanced Topics II

 Also See:
Visual & Performing Arts Social Science Physical Education
Orchestra Levels
Intermediate Orchestra P
Advanced Orchestra P

Band Levels
Symphonic Band P
Wind Ensemble P
Jazz Band P

Theatre Performance
Acting P
Intermediate Acting P
Advanced Acting P
Advanced Drama P
Musical Theater Production P

Visual Art in Theater
Drama Production P
Costume History and Design P
Improv to Script Development

Visual Art
Drawing & Design P
Painting P
Sculpture P

Digital Art
Imaging P
Art For New Media P

Advanced Placement
AP Drawing Portfolio
AP 2-D Design Portfolio
AP 3-D Design Portfolio
AP Art History

Video Film
Advanced Video Film P
Video Film P

World History P
AP World History
US History P
AP US History
American Govt. P
Economics P
AP American Govt.
AP Economics
AP Psychology
AP European History
AP World Humanities
AP US Humanities

Year One P.E./Health
General PE
Independent Study PE
Surf (off campus)
Weight Training
Athletic PE and Required Form
Independent Study Music PE

Men's Basketball Team
Men's Baseball Team
Freshman Football Team
JV/Varsity Football Team
Women's Softball Team
Women's Field Hockey Team
Pep Squad Team
Cross Country/Track & Field Team
Dance Team

Science World Languages Miscellaneous
Marine Biology
Earth & Space P
Biology P
AP Biology
Chemistry P
AP Chemistry
Physics P
AP Physics B
AP Physics C
AP Environmental Science

Science Department Website
Spanish for Spanish Speakers
Spanish I P
Spanish II P
Spanish III P
Spanish IV P
AP Spanish Lang
AP Spanish Lit
Chinese I
Chinese II
Chinese III
AP Chinese
French I P
French II P
French III P
AP French Lang
AP French Lit
Japanese I P
Japanese II P
Japanese III P
AP Japanese Lang

Academic Literacy
Peer Assist. Listeners
Special Education
Student Leadership ASB
Independent Study Online Learning




Independent Study
Online Learning
English 9 P
English 10 P
English 11 P
English 12 P
Algebra I P
Geometry P
Algebra II P
World History P
US History P
American Government P
Economics P

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