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Torrey Pines High School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Schedule of Courses Policy

Student Schedule Policies

Student Schedule Policies

  • Students must complete a total of 230 credits to graduate, having less than 60 credits per school year may jeopardize graduation. Students may not take more than 7 classes in a year unless they are credit deficient.

  • Students may only choose courses, not periods or teachers. Teacher changes are not permitted for any reason. Should you have significant concerns regarding a teacher, please follow the following steps:

    1. Communicate your concerns with the teacher via phone, email and most importantly, in person. Most teachers are willing to meet with parents and students when time is available on their prep, after school or even before school. Teacher conferences should be initiated by the parent calling or emailing the teacher. Please refer to the TPHS staff directory for contact information.

    2. If you still have significant concerns regarding a particular course or teacher, a conference can be arranged with an assistant principal and the counselor. Please contact the appropriate assistant principal to arrange such a conference. 

  • SDUHSD Board Policy sets a four-week limit at the beginning of each semester to drop a class without it showing on the transcript. Level changes (from Advanced Placement or honors to college prep) may be requested during this four-week period if there is space available. Please note that students may be responsible for any missed work.

  • Seniors may be given preference in enrollment in some electives and in courses needed for graduation.

  • Courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or staffing restrictions.

  • We encourage students and parents to choose Honors and Advanced Placement classes very carefully. If students discover that they made a mistake in enrolling in an advanced class, they may be able to drop it for the corresponding college preparatory level of the class, if there is one, and if space is available. Our district permits students to drop an honors or AP class during the first four weeks of a semester.

San Dieguito Union High School District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on gender, sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or the perception of one or more of such characteristics. (SDUHSD Board Policy 5145.3)