Department Members:
  • Jan Daher Counseling Office Assistant
  • Natalie Seward  Last Names A - CON
  • Julianne Velasco  Last Names COO - HARO
  • Chanelle Lary  Last Names HARR - LIN
  • Toni Zurcher  Last Names LINA - SIL & EL
  • Jennifer Magruder  Last Names PAU - SIL & AVID
  • Sally Gervasini  Last Names SIM - Z
Our counseling program is an integral component of the TPHS educational system and is vital in preparing and assisting students to be successful, lifelong learners. Our counselors and other members of the student support team (school psychologists, school social workers, child welfare and attendance supervisors, and school nurses) assist students in making decisions, managing emotions, coping with crises, overcoming barriers to learning, and seeking access to the core curriculum. School counselors and members of the support team help students set short and long term goals, improve attendance, reduce and resolve conflicts, and prevent youth suicide. This support team works to create a positive learning environment; teaches self-management skills; acts as advocates for students; and provides relevant academic, career, and personal/social counseling to enable students to make informed decisions toward achieving their future goals.