Independent Study Online (ISOL)

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ISOL OverviewTop of Page

Torrey Pines High School is committed to providing students with a variety of academic challenges and choices.  To better serve the diverse needs of our students, we offer independent study on-line learning (ISOL) courses in several subjects for students who feel that an on-line course fits their learning style.  If you are curious about on-line learning options, please read our "Profile of a Successful ISOL Student" outline.

For information on available courses, please refer to your grade appropriate course offering sheet:

If you decide to take an ISOL class, students must turn in a completed ISOL contract to their counselor prior to enrolling in the class.

ISOL "Did you know?"Top of Page

  • Students must be enrolled in four on-campus classes before they can take an ISOL course.

  • Students can take up to two on-line courses per ISOL period, per semester.  This allows students to take up to eight classes in a school year.

  • There is a dedicated ISOL computer lab on campus, but students can work from any computer with internet access.

  • Students do not have to attend class during their ISOL period, but there are periodic informational meetings where attendance is necessary.

  • Students must complete all of the unit work before exams can be proctored by their ISOL teacher.

  • All tests and cumulative exams must be taken in the ISOL lab in the presence of your ISOL teacher. Quizzes are not proctored and can be done at home.  You may use Edgenuity e-notes on the non-proctored quiz. However no notes, books, electronic devices or other outside sources of information may be used on proctored tests and cumulative exams taken in the ISOL Lab.

  • All courses meet the SDUHSD requirements for graduation, and most meet the UC/CSU A-G requirements. For more information, please refer to the SDUHSD web site.

  • Students work at their own pace and on their own time, but students must remember that grades are reported the same way and at the same time as traditional courses.  Failure to complete work in a timely manner may result in a low grade on the nine-week progress report and/or D/F announcement. 

  • All assignments must be completed for students to receive a grade in an ISOL class.  Students may not skip assignments.  A missing assignment may result in the student not receiving credit for the course.

  • On-line courses are not for everyone.  Be sure you read and understand the ISOL Contract and review the "Profile of a Successful ISOL Student" before enrolling in an ISOL course.

Forms and Helpful InformationTop of Page

Edgenuity Course Cover Sheets are a helpful guide and provide information on the course objectives, student expectations, scope and sequence, and the grading policy for that course.  Course Cover Sheets are not required to be printed out. All grading is assessed and maintained electronically.  

Cover SheetsTop of Page

For information about enrolling in an ISOL class, please contact your counselor.  For additional information and questions about ISOL, contact Assistant Principal, Vidalia Resendes