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Absence Reporting
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COVID Information

As we continue to serve our students during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of information for our students and their families to understand and follow. The goal of this page is to support our community as they work with us to navigate the guidelines and requirements for students. 
COVID+ - If a student or staff member is confirmed COVID+ by a lab-based PCR test (not a home test), they should notify school officials immediately. TPHS administration will follow up with the family and provide additional information. Please call TPHS at 858-755-0125 to inform us of a positive test. TP administration will follow up as soon as possible.
If and when there is a report of COVID+ with an individual on campus, those involved in the case are to follow the San Diego County Office of Education's COVID-19 K-12 Decision Trees
Resources & Guidelines:
If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID, they should immediately inform staff at TPHS and stay home. Depending on the circumstances, students and staff will need to quarantine off campus for 10-14 days. Once we are notified about the COVID+ case, SDUSHD staff will contact impacted families with additional information and guidance about the next steps.
Access to Instruction - How do I keep up with my classes if I'm required to Quarantine?
If a student must quarantine, please know that we are committed to ensuring continuity of education. Our teachers, districtwide, maintain their Google Classroom as the primary space to access curriculum, instruction, and assessments. Currently, we are not implementing a hybrid-concurrent instructional model, so there is no access to daily live instruction. If a student needs to access their teachers for questions, or additional support, they can schedule a live, virtual meeting, or attend the teachers' posted office hours. Please work with your students' teachers so they can stay on pace with the learning while in quarantine. 
Students Who are Considered Close Contacts
If your student is determined to be a close contact with a COVID+ student or staff member, the parent/guardian will receive an email notifying them that they are close contact. The email contains links to Google Forms that need to be completed so that we can provide additional information to families about their options. Please keep in mind that we currently do not have additional support staff or resources to conduct contact tracing. All contact tracing is being conducted by curent staff, so responses to emails and calls may be delayed. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work with the County to meet their requirements while efficiently responding to cases on campus.
Understanding When a Student is a Close Contact:
Defined: Close contact is defined as being closer than six feet for a cumulative of 15 minutes or longer over a 24 hour period with a COVID positive individual, with or without a mask, within 48 hours prior to the individual feeling sick or testing positive
Vaccinated Individuals - NO restrictions for attending school or extra-curricular activities if the individual is symptom-free. If and when exhibiting symptoms, the student should stay home and obtain a COVID test. Note in this case the return to school may require a negative test. 
--> A notification will be sent home via emailed letter. 
If not fully vaccinated or COVID+ in the last 90 days your quarantine options are as follows:
  • Return on Day 11 / Regreso el día 11
  • Return on Day 8 with negative COVID test on Day 6 or later / Regrese el día 8 con prueba COVID negativa el día 6 o más tarde.
  • Modified Quarantine (stay in school) with COVID testing 2x/week (only available if both parties wore masks) / Cuarentena modificada (permanecer en la escuela) con prueba COVID 2 veces por semana (solo disponible si se usaron máscaras)
  • No quarantine-Fully Vaccinated or COVID+ in last 90 days/completamente vacunado o se recuperó de COVID-19 en los últimos 3 meses
--> A notification will be sent home via email and will require follow-up to declare how a student will quarantine after being a close contact.
COVID Testing
When students are required to submit negative testing results, please follow the guidelines for what kinds of testing are acceptable.  Only laboratory-based PCR test are accepted. No over the counter or home administered tests can be submitted. You can request a test through your health care provider, visit one of the the SD County testing sites, or use one of our SDUHSD testing locations:
One you have a printout of the testing results, click the link below to access the form for digital submission of the student's COVID testing results. No results will be accepted at the school site.