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Torrey Pines High School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Safety & Crisis Information


SDUHSD Safety Information



Emails & Phone Messages - In the event of an emergency, we will send information by phone and email.  Please be sure we have your correct contact information in our Aeries system. Here are some helpful tips:

  • To ensure that you get text messages regarding safety issues, please list a mobile phone number as your "primary" contact number. 
  • In the event of a crisis we may contact families via text message and then send further details via email. Please make sure to check both sources.
  • We will only send text message about important safety information. We will not send basic announcements about school events or information via text. 
Torrey Pines High School updates their Safety Plan annually to include information based on the latest data and training around school safety. We conduct annual drills for earthquake, fire/evacuation, and active intruder. Our Site Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss current issues, trends, and site improvements. Additionally, staff are trained to intervene with students in crisis so that we can prevent safety issues before they happen.  Below are some helpful tips for parents:
  • See something, hear something, say something works! There is overwhelming data that a safe school is a connected school. Encourage your student to talk to a trusted adult if they have a concern about a potential safety issue. The more we know, the more we can help prevent a crisis.
  • If there is a crisis, do not come to school - In the event of a "lockdown" or "secure campus" event, please do not come to campus until you are instructed to do so by a school or district official. When families come to school during an event, we are forced to divert valuable resources away from the immediate school safety issue. Since it is impossible to know who is a parent and who isn't, please wait for communication from TPHS or the SDUHSD before coming to campus during or after a crisis event.
  • Know how to talk to your student about crisis - It's a difficult topic to process, but as parents it's important that we engage our students in a meaningful way so we can support their social and emotional development. If you need support, please consider using these resources: Helping Youth After Mass Violence , Talking to your children about school shootingTalking to Children about a Shooting 
Report a School Threat: School Threat SAR - SDPD
 All visitors (including parents, alumni, and guest speakers) are required to check in with the receptionist in the main administration wing or in the attendance office to obtain a visitor pass. We currently use a system that checks IDs for all visitors before they are allowed to enter campus.  All visitors are expected to follow the procedures below:
  • All visitors are required to present a State issued photo ID before entering campus (passports are also acceptable).
  • Upon presenting a photo ID, all visitors will be given a visitor badge with their picture and their destination. Please note: If both parents are attending a meeting, both parents will need to present a photo ID to receive their individual visitor badge. 
  • All visitors must return their visitor badge and check out before leaving campus.  Checking out will help us in the event of an emergency.  
 Alumni who would like to visit former teachers must make an appointment with the teacher, and then check in at the front office or attendance office.  All alumni must follow all of the requirements for any visitor (as stated above).
 Deliveries - If you need to deliver something to your student, you need to leave it with our receptionist in the Administration building. Students may pick it up from us, but we cannot deliver items to students in class.  Please note: No food delivery services are allowed on campus (Uber Eats, Grub Hub, etc.).  Please do not have food delivered to campus during the school day. 



In conjunction with the SDUHSD, TPHS conducts regular emergency drills including lock-down, evacuation and earthquake drills.  Our drills are conducted with the support and input of the SDPD.  All drills are reviewed, and we follow-up with feedback about what worked and what needs improvement.  The school has a detailed "Comprehensive Safe Schools Plan" in place, and staff members are regularly updated on important safety issues both on campus and in our community.

 Additional Information:

  • We have a close relationship with the SDPD Northwest Division and the juvenile resources department.  Whenever we have a need, they respond promptly and diligently.  They are often here for no other reason than to get to know our students and staff and build a relationship.

  • We have a highly visible staff and we are aware if something, or someone, looks out of place.


How YOU Can Help: Students should contact a trusted adult on campus any time they have a safety concern.


If you are aware of a safety issue on campus, please let administration know as soon as possible.  You can contact Assistant Principal Tracy Olander at 858.755.0125 ext. 2223, or by email (


It is also important to talk to your student about safety issues, and be aware of the challenges our teens face.  Encourage your student to talk to a teacher, a counselor, or other staff member if they have concerns, or questions about anything on campus.  Remember to remind students that if they see something or hear something, they need to say something.


If you need to report something, but would prefer to remain anonymous, please use one of the following resources:

  • We Tip (i-800-47-DRUGS) - Report information regarding the sale of drugs on campus.

  • Crime Stoppers - Annonymously report information regarding past and potential crime.

  • Students Speaking Out - Make an anonymous phone, text or web tip about  dangerous activity or crime at school or in the community and be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

  • School Threat SAR - SDPD

School Safety Committees

Torrey Pines School Safety Committee meets monthly to review ongoing safety issues, the school Crisis Response Plan and Disaster Preparedness Plans. Meetings are coordinated by Assistant Principal Tracy Olander ( with staff, students, parents and community members