Department Members:
  • Alexandra Anthony
  • Brinn Belyea
  • Brian Bodas
  • Ryan Eddingfield
  • Charlene Falcis-Stevens
  • Tiffany Gilson (Michelle Flores through November)
  • William Harvie
  • Matthew Livingston
  • Michael Lopez
  • Julianna Newell
  • Lindsey Olson
  • Mary Ann Rall
  • Michael Rall
  • Daniel Rowe
  • Angela Wilden
New Science Standards:
California formally adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in September 2013.  A guiding tenet of the NGSS is "All Standards, All Students," meaning all students will have the opportunity to experience learning in all disciplines of science, including Life Science (Biology), Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics), Earth-Space Science, and Engineering. The state provided school districts with a variety of course models from which to choose and for high school, SDUHSD selected the California Three-Course Model, where Earth-Space Science and Engineering content is embedded within Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Courses.   For more information on the transition to NGSS and our work at TPHS that aligns with this effort, please visit our district page that details how we have approached this and our expectations for future years. 
Key links for understanding our current program at TPHS: