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In order to improve the accuracy of our student information system, the SDUHSD has made it possible for parents to update their contact information through Aeries.  Having up-to-date contact information will ensure that you receive communication from the school in a timely manner, and that TPHS can contact you in the event of an emergency.  To confirm that the school has your most up to date contact information, please log into the Aeries Parent Portal at your earliest convenience and update and/or confirm your contact information.  If you have already set up an account in Aeries, please log-in and verify your contact information. 

If you have not set up your Aeries Parent Portal account, you can find information about creating an account by clicking here.

For complete instructions on how to electronically confirm your contact and emergency information, please click here.

There are four areas that require annual updates.  

  1. Student Info: here you will update changes to home and work phone numbers, address changes and correct other student information that is listed incorrectly. 
  2. Contacts:  here you will add, change or delete the emergency contacts you wish to have on file for your child. 
  3. The required Annual Notification is on the Documents tab.  Please read it carefully and check the box to verify that you have reviewed it.  Every family must acknowledge receipt of this document annually. 
  4. Authorizations and Prohibitions:  here you will direct the district and school how to handle information regarding your child.

If you have any problems please contact the Counseling Secretary, Joanne Day

Whether your information has changed or not, all families need to electronically confirm that the information in our system is correct, and electronically sign the emergency form.  Please follow the directions so you can be sure everything is accurate and verified.  Until you do, we will not be able to use all of our communication resources to keep you connected to our school!

Instructions for Electronically Verifying Contact Information

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