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Torrey Pines High School

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Absence Reporting
Absence Reporting
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Grade Reporting Info

Students and parents can view all current and past grades, unofficial transcripts, and graduation status through the Aeries portal at any time. No report cards are mailed.
For directions on how to use Aeries and access these items, please visit the SDUHSD Tech Hub
Guidelines & Schedule - This is an important timeline to follow for understanding when a course can be dropped for specific reasons. Dropped courses may result in an unscheduled period as certain courses will not have seats open to take after the first days of school. 
Instructional Calendar - This provides the quarter dates for when teachers will report grades via Aeries. Only the semester grades are included on a student's transcript. 
Transcripts: Only the Registrar can post-credits and grades to the transcript.  For information about ordering official transcripts, please visit the Registrar's page. 
SDUHSD Grading Information - this is a district-provided resource to support families in understanding our practices at our school sites. 
Graduation versus College Admissions:

Graduation versus College Admissions:

For high school graduation requirements, students earn credit for courses completed with a D grade or higher. To meet college admission requirements, students must earn a C grade or higher.
For D or F grades, if a student repeats the same course, the higher grade will replace the lower grade in the SDUHSD GPA* calculation although both courses and grades remain on the transcript. Withdraw/W's are not factored into the GPA calculation.
There are 3 types of GPA on SDUHSD transcripts:

There are 3 types of GPA on SDUHSD transcripts:

Total GPA 9-12: Includes every course taken in grades 9-12.
Acad. GPA 9-12: Includes all courses taken in 9-12, except PE and courses graded with a Pass/Fail.
Acad. GPA 10-12: Includes all courses taken in 10 -12, except PE and courses graded with a Pass/Fail.
IMportant information related to transcripts:

IMportant information related to transcripts:

AP exam and college entrance exam scores are not posted on the SDUHSD transcript and must be ordered from College Board or ACT.
Per the Board Policy on Grades-Evaluation of Student Achievement 
Grade Point Average: The Superintendent or designee shall calculate each student's GPA using the grade point assigned to each letter grade in accordance with the scale described in the above section "Grades for Academic Performance" above. The grade points for all applicable coursework completed shall be totaled and divided by the number of courses completed. Pass/Fail grades shall not be included in the determination of a student's GPA. When plus and minus designations are added to letter grades, they shall not be considered in determining GPA.  
SDUHSD does not rank students. An 11th grade GPA distribution is located on the high school profile.
*Please note each college determines its own GPA calculation formula for admission. For example, the California State University (CSU)/the University of California (UC) admission GPA is based on coursework from summer after 9th through summer after 11th grade in all “A-G” approved courses. (Pluses and minuses do not count.) Students may earn an extra point for each semester of a UC weighted course, with a maximum of 8 points between the 10th and 11th grades. Check college admission websites for specific information provided directly by the college.